Funeral Services

We all know that death is unavoidable. One who takes birth must die. It is the one event that every one of us will have to face. Yet, when a death occurs in our family, we find ourselves shattered, stressed, overwhelmed by grief and a sense of irreplaceable personal loss. At this time of utter grief, the family is also required to make many decisions and choices with respect to the funeral and cremation arrangements, the performance of religious rites, and meeting statutory requirements within the prescribed time frame. Thus, many of us in the Hindu community feel overwhelmed, confused and experience much uncertainty because the religio-cultural network-support available to us in India is not available in this adopted land. Consequently, some Hindu families in Calgary have undergone a great amount of stress and strain as a result of a death in their family.

Funeral Committee – Volunteers

Vinay Dattani – Advisor and Information Source

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Funeral Services Presentation